Your story

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The mind is everything. What we think, we become – Buddha

Today’s quote touches on both the power and the slipperiness of the mind. Our minds constantly create stories, backstories and predicted outcomes. These stories can work for us, or … Read the rest “Your story”

Nobler than Mick

Buddha Shakyamuni and Prajnaparamita

Seeing a recent Tweet from Mick Jagger brought a smile to my face as I recall a great first introduction to The Four Noble Truths. Without the right understanding, Buddhism can be interpreted in a very negative and incapacitating way. … Read the rest “Nobler than Mick”


A reminder that often listening, observing and contemplating is the correct action. How are we to learn if we always speak. When situations arise, often the ‘season for silence’ allows us to gather the right amount of knowledge and take … Read the rest “Listening”